Five new features we love on the upcoming & redesigned 2020 Subaru Legacy

The newest generation for the Subaru Legacy will be arriving at our dealership during the fall, and we're already excited for the updated features and interior styling. Here are five reasons you'll want to drive in from Vacaville or Walnut Creek to check out the 2020 Subaru Legacy once it arrives!

  • A Tech-Savvy Interior: the 2020 Subaru Legacy's interior gets the biggest update, and we love the premium vibe. Making it really stand out is the STARLINK™ multimedia system and the available 11.6-inch touchscreen, which is the biggest yet! You'll find useful apps, as well as the option to use either Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™.
  • Premium Leather: the Subaru Legacy is getting a new Touring XT trim, and with this trim you'll get refined Nappa leather seats; a fitting way to drive around Napa! Bad jokes aside, we love this upgraded upholstery that isn't currently available on the 2019 Legacy.
  • More performance: the engine lineup for the upcoming Legacy is more powerful than ever before. This year's 2.5L engine has more torque and horsepower than its predecessor, and while the 3.6R engine is going into retirement, the 2.4L turbo that's taking its place also offers more torque and horsepower. Everyone wins!
  • DriverFocus: the 2019 Subaru Legacy received standard EyeSight® advanced safety technologies, and that's remaining for 2020. What's being added for the upcoming model year is the ability to get DriverFocus, which is a distraction mitigation tool that can tell when you're distracted driving around busy Sacramento CA or are too drowsy to be behind the wheel.
  • Front-Bumper Protection: for the first time ever, the 2020 Subaru Legacy will have a 180-degree front view camera. This is useful for when you want to check your front-bumper when pulling into a parking space. It'll also be nice to have if your kids tend to leave toys in the driveway and you want to make sure you don't drive over a bike or block set on your way into the office!

We're just as excited as you are for the arrival of the 2020 Subaru Legacy at our Fairfield Ca dealership, so keep following our website to learn about this upcoming ride. You can also check out our blog on the 2020 Subaru Outback, which is also arriving this fall in redesigned fashion.

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