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New Year, New Subaru Outback

You know how the saying goes: "new year, new you!" Well, we're more than half-way through the first month of the New Year, and if you've already given up on your resolution to torture yourself on the treadmill, don't worry. There's still another way to be your "best self" in 2019, and that's by buying or leasing a new Subaru Outback! We've got a ton of these memorable wagons in stock, and they're an excellent choice for many of the shoppers we serve from Napa or Walnut Creek.

Here are a few reasons…

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Drive away in a 2019 Subaru BRZ!

The Subaru BRZ is a bit of an outlier to the Subaru brand. It's not the only performance model (the Subaru WRX also has some impressive horsepower specs), but it does have a sleeker look than the rest of the new Subaru models. The BRZ is also the only Subaru that doesn't come with standard symmetrical all-wheel drive, and instead has a rear-wheel drive drive setup. It's the perfect vehicle for current Subaru owners who, for example, want to have their Subaru Outback during the week and have something fun to drive on the weekend!

The BRZ…

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Come down to Fairfield Subaru to shop our 2019 Subaru Ascent selection!

The all-new 2019 Subaru Ascent has been at our Fairfield CA dealership for a few months, and already it's gotten a ton of attention from Napa customers and families out in Walnut Creek who are looking for a three-row vehicle the whole crew scramble into! Since it's been awhile since we've blogged about the Ascent, let's go over five things we love about this three-row model.

  1. Safety First: because the Ascent is aimed at families, Subaru wanted to make sure parents could feel secure shuttling their kids between school in Sacramento CA and events in Vacaville…
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The Subaru Share the Love event is here until January 2nd!

This is an exciting time for us at Fairfield Subaru and not just because of the holiday season or the upcoming 2019 calendar year. It's because from now through January 2nd, 2019, Subaru is having its annual Share the Love sales event!

What Is Share the Love?

In case you didn't know, Subaru isn't eager to only sell vehicles to shoppers, like those from Napa and Walnut Creek. They also love giving back! During the Share the Love event, every customer that purchases or leases a 2018-2019 new Subaru gets to choose a charity from our list…

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See why Sacramento shoppers will love shopping at Fairfield Subaru

Sacramento is about a 40-minute drive from Fairfield Subaru, so if you're looking to escape the hustle and bustle and have a laidback shopping experience, stop into our dealership this week! We're right off Martin Road in Fairfield and next to the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District, making us easy to find.

Legendary and Capable New Subaru Models for Sacramento Drivers

Once you drive in from Sacramento, you'll find a great selection of new Subaru vehicles to shop. Some of our most popular models include the Subaru Forester compact SUV, the iconic Subaru Outback wagon crossover


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Get to know the sleek and sporty Subaru BRZ

The Subaru logo can evoke up images of mountains, lakes, and the outdoor lifestyle. While the Subaru brand does cater to a lot of drivers who revel in the outdoors and have a family plus a furry friend in tow, we're here to remind you that the brand also has a sporty side, and you get to see it with the Subaru BRZ!

Three fun facts about the Subaru BRZ

  1. The BRZ is the only model in the Subaru lineup that doesn't have standard symmetrical all-wheel drive. Instead, you get a rear-wheel drive system that is primed for…
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Things to consider as you begin shopping for a Subaru

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Getting ready to buy or lease a new Subaru is very exciting, but also a little overwhelming. Here are some things to keep in mind to help you narrow down your choices.


You might think that price would be the first factor, and while it's important you need to understand your lifestyle, as it often dictates the type of vehicle you should get. It could boil down to space needs, ride visibility, how outdoorsy you are, or if it's a car you plan on owning for the long haul and possibly passing down to a child or…

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The Subaru Ascent vs the Subaru Outback: which is best for your family?

For years the Subaru wagon has been the family-friendly vehicle of choice for Subaru shoppers. With the arrival of the all-new, three-row Subaru Ascent, families have one more option to choose from! Today we'll break down some key areas of consideration: cost, space, and technology. Keep these points in mind as you browse our selection.

How does the 2019 Subaru Outback compare to the 2019 Subaru Ascent?


Since the Outback has less seats and is smaller, it has a lower manufacturer's suggested starting price. 


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Back to "School-baru": Our favorite Subaru's for going back to school

The school season is right around the corner, and at Fairfield Subaru we want to make sure all our shoppers have a vehicle that can make getting to school and back easier. Here are some of our favorite models for students and parents.


Are you finally heading off to college? Or maybe your parents are gifting you with a sweet sixteen present? If so, we think the Subaru Impreza hatchback is a great choice!

The Impreza is available as a sedan and a hatchback, but we're partial to the hatchback that has a fresh and youthful demeanor, as…

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Celebrate your first job with the Subaru College Graduate Program!

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College graduations were a few months ago, but we know not everyone gets a job right after they walk off the stage with a degree. If it took you a few months but have finally secured employment, then congratulations! Let us at Fairfield Subaru welcome you into this new phase of life with a gift: a discount on a new Subaru.

The Subaru College Graduate Program is way for you to save on a Subaru and eligibility is straightforward:

  • You must have proof of future employment and income
  • You have a Bachelor's, Master's or Associate's from an…
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