���Qu��� es la promesa de amor de Subaru?

La promesa de amor de Subaru es simplemente eso. Una promesa. Es una promesa de hacer lo correcto por nuestra comunidad al asociarnos con organizaciones sin fines de lucro relacionadas con la educación, la salud, la comunidad, el medio ambiente y los animales, para marcar la diferencia a través de nuestras acciones y las de nuestros socios. Para diferenciarnos de las demás empresas automovilísticas haciendo lo que está bien y es correcto, solo por hacerlo.

The Subaru Love Promise Community Commitment

En Subaru of America somos fieles a la promesa de amor al asociarnos con una amplia variedad de organizaciones sin fines de lucro y de beneficencia. Además de estas sociedades, cada año Subaru, los dueños y los minoristas unen sus manos en el evento "Share the Love" (Comparte el amor), y ayudan a organizaciones de beneficencia de todo el país. Durante los últimos 20 años, Subaru of America ha donado más de 50 millones de dólares a causas que nos interesan y ha acumulado más 28,000 horas de trabajo voluntario. Todas las organizaciones que apoyamos tienen una cosa en común: la inquebrantable dedicación para mejorar el mundo y las vidas de su gente. Las diferentes orientaciones y pasiones de las organizaciones de beneficencia incluyen las siguientes:

Subaru ama las mascotas

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Subaru ama la tierra

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Subaru ama el aprendizaje

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Subaru ama ayudar

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Subaru ama cuidar

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Ya sea que vivan en nuestros hogares o en la naturaleza, Subaru se compromete con la salud y la seguridad de todos los animales.

Como socio desde 2008, Subaru ha donado cerca de $14��millones a la ASPCA (Sociedad Americana para la Prevenci��n de la Crueldad hacia los Animales) y ha apoyado a casi 1000��eventos de adopci��n de mascotas, lo que tuvo como resultado m��s de 11��500��adopciones hasta la fecha.

Medio ambiente

Amar el medio ambiente significa m��s que amar los grandes espacios. Significa trabajar para preservarlo.

Hace m��s de una d��cada, Subaru se convirti�� en el primer fabricante de autom��viles de los EE.��UU. en apoyar la iniciativa basura cero, y ahora, junto con el Servicio de Parques Nacionales y la Asociaci��n de Conservaci��n de Parques Nacionales, Subaru aprovecha su experiencia con el medio ambiente para ayudar a que los parques nacionales tambi��n alcancen la iniciativa basura cero.


Nuestra meta es facilitar el conocimiento a tantas personas como sea posible.

Donaciones totales para los maestros: $92��233
M��s de 200��maestros adoptados
M��s de 15��000��estudiantes beneficiados


En un mundo perfecto, el hambre ser��a historia y la esperanza ser��a algo com��n. Creemos que es posible un mundo perfecto.

Subaru y Meals on Wheels America trabajaron juntos para facilitar el voluntariado. Para ello, se lanz�� una herramienta llamada Iniciativa para voluntarios en l��nea Meals on Wheels.


Todos deber��amos tener la posibilidad de llevar una vida saludable. Aspiramos a poder ofrecerles esta oportunidad a tantas personas como sea posible.

Subaru ha donado m��s de 4.5��millones de USD a
Make A Wish, lo que ayud�� a concretar 610��deseos en los EE.��UU.

How is Fairfield Subaru dedicated locally to the Love Promise?

Our Love Promise can be seen in various partnerships with local charities and non-profits. We're grateful for the opportunity, not only to be a part of our community, but to serve it as well.

SPCA of Solano County
Armijo High School
North Bay Cancer Center

 Subaru Love Promise Heart

Love Promise Stories from Fairfield Subaru

Subaru and Fairfield Subaru believe in making a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. We uphold that belief through our Love Promise Community Commitment. Every month, we select inspiring stories from customers and partners from around our area who strive to support our collective commitment and feature them here

Like Family  –  Charlene K

I recently purchased a Forrester and I've never had a brand new vehicle. I was very scared to have a monthly payment for a new car. After purchasing the Forrester I looked over my paperwork and noticed two charges I did not remember agreeing to. I went to the Subaru dealer for my Subaru love meeting to learn about my Forrester. I told Drew about my concerns and after my session with him, he took me to Wahid (He is phenomenal). I explained to him why I had to buy an SUV. I have a medical condition and it was suggested that I would have better mobility getting in and out of an SUV. I then explained that my daughter just 2 weeks earlier bought the Ascent and told me "Mom we went to buy the Forrester but the Ascent was what we needed. You will love the Forrester and you should go try it out" I told him (through tears) I felt like the charges I didn't agree to were causing me a great deal of stress. I honestly thought it was a lost cause telling him my concerns because I didn't really think it would change anything. After listening to me he said first let me tell you this. "You bought your Subaru from me and that makes you Family and if you are not happy I will fix it and you will be happy: I seriously was floored at his concern and compassion. He had the finance lady redo the contract to take out the 2 items I did not remember agreeing to. I absolutely could not believe he was doing this for me. I truly prayed to God before going to the dealer that day for a good outcome. I was so Blessed! When the time comes and I need a new vehicle again I absolutely will go to that same dealer and purchase another Subaru. I will also tell everyone that asks what an honest and nice guy the Wahid is. Respectfully, Charlene Knight

Fairfield Subaru and LLS Blanket Delivery  –  Megan M

For our blanket delivery on June 26th, we were lucky to get one of the brand-new Ascents which fits all of the boxes of blankets - I'd like to think they designed it just for this partnership! We were unable to visit with patients, but our contact at North Bay Cancer Center, Magi, was more than happy to take us on a tour. The pride that Magi took in where she worked was inspiring. She was thrilled to take us on a tour of their relatively new facility. Pointing out the themes of each floor, and the strategic layout that always has patients in mind. Magi told us that last year, the blankets were delivered just before the opening of the new facility and they placed a blanket on each and every chair. So, when the doors were officially open to patients, each individual had a blanket ready and waiting for them. While North Bay Cancer Center does not treat pediatric patients, they were thrilled to receive the arts & crafts kits. Magi told us that whenever children are accompanying patients, the hospital staff will go out of their way to entertain them – often running to the store to buy toys with money from their own pockets. The quote that stuck with me was “we are treating the whole family, not just the patients”. Our main contact at Fairfield Subaru, Olivia, is the sister of a Lymphoma survivor. To hear her story of what it was like to see her older sister go through something like battling a blood cancer, was gut wrenching yet inspiring. Thankfully, her sister is back to good health and has a beautiful family. While touring the building and being introduced to North Bay Cancer Center staff, one doctor excitedly told us “I just bought a Subaru and LOVE IT”. Magi, and other staff, thanked us multiple times but I think we all felt like the lucky ones. Thank you to Fairfield Subaru for making a difference!

Blankets for cancer patients  –  Fran I

Thank you, Fairfield Subaru, for teaming up with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Greater Bay Area Chapter to help cancer patients! For the second year in a row, Fairfield Subaru made the generous gift of 80 blankets and 10 arts & craft kits for patients undergoing treatment at the NorthBay Cancer Center in Vacaville! Last year, the NorthBay Cancer Center was just opening up a brand new facility right as the blankets were dropped off. Blankets were placed on each chair in the chemotherapy infusion room so that when the facility opened for its first day, patients were immediately greeted with some warmth & hope from the surrounding community. We know that the blankets will be much appreciated again this year! We are so grateful to Fairfield Subaru for supporting such a meaningful cause!

Subaru and NWF Loves the Earth  –  Patty L

Thank you Fairfield Subaru and National Wildlife Federation for the new garden! The kinders helped plant it this morning. Looking forward to seeing all the new plants grow! Drip irrigation and hummingbird feeders will be installed soon. (This garden is located in front of Ms. Culien's classroom next to the parking lot). Sneezeweed, gaillardia 'Arizona Sun', Joe Pye Weed, Sedum 'harvest moon', Little Bluestem, and more!

Butterfly Heroes  –  Sukhpreet S

Doing Our Part to Save the Butterflies, Fairfield Subaru. Did you know the monarch population in the United States has declined by more than 90 percent in recent years? For the month of April, Fairfield Subaru is partnering with the National Wildlife Foundation for the Butterfly Heroes Program. Butterfly Heroes seeks to bring awareness to the declining population and connect our community of gardeners and kids, families, and schools alike to help the monarchs and other pollinators. Creating monarch and pollinator habitat is a wonderful opportunity for observing one of nature's most miraculous occurrences. The unique transformation the monarch butterfly undergoes during its life-cycle from egg, caterpillar (larva), chrysalis to the delicate yet resilient butterfly is wonderfully intriguing for students and teachers alike. Fairfield Subaru will have a butterfly habitat planter on site and be giving away seed kits. Stop in and check it out. We also encourage you to be a butterfly hero and grow your own butterfly habitat at home. It's a great activity for the kids or grandkids!

Fairfield Subaru gives back to the community  –  Wahid K

Fairfield Subaru is committed to serving the military personnel from Travis Air Base and the local first responders of Solano County and the surrounding area. To express our appreciation and gratitude for the daily service of our local heroes, during the holiday season, Fairfield Subaru donated a holiday tree to the families of all military personnel and first responders in the area, including the local police and fire department personnel. Over 1,000 trees were given away to these families. Helping the local heroes, who protect us every day, is a lovely way the team at Fairfield Subaru gives back to the community, and they are committed to doing just that! The team at Fairfield Subaru loves to Share the Love!

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