It's no secret that Subaru has a soft spot for dogs, and as part of the Subaru Love Promisewe're proud to work with the SPCA of Solano County! Because we love our dogs so much, we wanted to write a blog on traveling safely with man's best friend.


Carry the essentials: it all might seem like a lot but having these items on hand is important. Thankfully, they won't take up much space:

  • Collapsible dish
  • Emergency food and snacks
  • BYOO (bring your own water)
  • Extra leash and collar
  • LED lights that can hang off a collar
  • Waste bags
  • Pet first aid bag
  • Booties (especially useful for adventurous dogs and owners who might want to go on an impromptu hike)
  • Jacket or blanket

Get your pooch acclimated to vehicles: riding in a car can be scary for some dogs. It's best to take new dogs on a few test runs before going out on longer trips. This can also cut down on nervous tummies and potential trips to the detailing center, if you know what we mean.

Accidents happen: that said, accidents do happen! If you have an older pet, one with health issues, or a dog that is known to have accidents whether they're at home or in the car, it's a good idea to consider seat covers that can be removed and easily cleaned. These are also great with dogs that shed a lot.

Keep them entertained: long rides can be hard for humans, so just imagine what it's like for a dog! Bring along one or two of their favorite toys and their blanket that smells like home. Also make sure you stop so they can stretch all their legs too!

Get these apps: two of our favorite apps are Bring Fido and Red Cross Pet First Aid. Bring Fido will tell you about dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, etc., and the Red Cross app will help you find the closest vet in case of an emergency. If you travel a lot, it's also a good idea to make sure your dog is chipped.

We hope these pet travel tips helped! If by chance you're looking for a bigger that can better accommodate a big dog and/or crate, come check out the spacious Subaru Outback wagon.


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