Subaru Service Intervals

The Importance of Subaru Service Intervals Explained

There's a known fact that needs mentioning. And that is 98% of all new Subaru vehicles sold within the last ten years are still beating trails outside Fairfield, CA.

This is a mere example of Subaru quality premising designs and parameters. Though Subaru-suggested service intervals do much to enhance longevity. This an almost paramount aspect to Subaru ownership.

At Fairfield Subaru, we highly recommend getting your Subaru Ascent on a service regimen and all the benefits to follow.

Subaru Service Intervals - Adherence Instills Value Going Forward

It's not uncommon to let slip vehicle service and maintenance. With daily lives so busied, attempting a random oil change might prove difficult to secure past Vacaville.

Above, the operative term "random" highlights a solution implemented by Subaru as a brand and followed through at Fairfield Subaru.

With Subaru service intervals, you'll always be aware when it's time for the most critical of maintenance procedures. And to get started, all you must do is visit our state-of-art, Subaru-certified service facility.

The Premise of Subaru Service Intervals

There might be some disconnect between a vehicle owner's manual and reality on the ground.

Personal driving habits and the roads we traverse all dictate when it's time to service your Subaru Outback.

So, consider the owner's manual as a point of reference; your Subaru Crosstrek performance the signal for servicing.

Mileage Milestones Met

Largely speaking, certain systems have set mileage milestones in which servicing should be performed.

These systems will comprise transmission, HVAC and vehicle battery, for the most part. In general, every 12,000-miles these systems should be checked for overall health and robustness.

Other systems require more attention and monitoring, given driving habits and roads traveled near Davis, CA.

The Demand Placed on Certain Subaru Systems

It's best practice to keep a watchful eye on all levels of performance. It doesn't take an engineering degree to determine an issue with wheel alignment -- that dangerous pull to either side at high speeds.

And a simple examination of your tires may be performed before stepping into your Subaru Forester Wilderness. In this, you'll quickly notice bare treads and need of pressure adjustment.

Yet, there remains one, all-encompassing procedure that effectively sets in motion your Subaru service-interval schedule.

Your Subaru Oil Change Gets Things Rolling

Sometimes the simplest of things are the most prudent and beneficial. This always true of a Subaru oil change, for there are benefits spanning the entire procedure at Fairfield Subaru.

Summarized below are those simple tasks that come with, or may be ordered when your Subaru Legacy oil is changed:

  • Fresh, synthetic oil will be installed to replace degraded oil dark in color. A new oil filter will also be introduced.
  • Engine belts and hoses will be inspected for proper fits and material integrity.
  • Tire rotations timed to oil changes ensure wear is evenly distributed across your assortment.
  • Brake system parts of rotors, pads and calipers often experience corrosion and denuding of surface areas.
  • Batteries will be cleared of toxic residue known to cake around terminals.
  • Engine, cabin and air-conditioning filters examined will identify need of replacements.
  • Systems of brakes, steering and wipers require fresh fluids at topped-off levels.
  • The Subaru-mandated, multipoint inspection is complimentary with every oil-change procedure.

With the above intact, the start of every new season is an optimal time to schedule your Subaru service interval online.

You may also stop by with any concerns regarding safe operation.

Fairfield Subaru - For All Your Subaru Servicing Needs Near Vacaville, CA

Make sure your Subaru model is on an all-encompassing, Subaru service-interval schedule.

Visit with us today.

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